Continuous Health Status

The Predisposition towards Health, Traits and Wellness gathered from Genome is not absolute — it is just the starting point. It just doesn't factor in the real-world conditions that the individual finds themselves in.

Cambrian X Life's Continuous Health Status empowers customers to reduce the ambiguity about their health with every passing moment.

Other than looking at your Genome, we look at your Phenotypic Data-points and how they change over time.

If our Proprietary Algorithms realize that there is something wrong, we raise a Red Flag 🚩 while sometimes also recommending Actionable Insights to alleviate such a circumstance.

Apart from Preventive Healthcare, Continuous Health Status will also help you go 'on the offensive' by continually recommending optimized Actionable Insights that you can use to become the best version of yourself — and that is our ultimate goal.