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The Scenario

Your child today is constantly competing on all fronts.

The Stress that they face is greater than ever.

Pressure to perform, to look good, to be the best.

Wouldn't it be nice to gift your child their Super Power?

Find out how you can use the power of genetics, to unlock your child's potential.

How it works?

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Following are the details that you will get in the Report...

Cognitive Traits

Learning Personality

1. Find out the best way for your child to learn.

2. Also know their natural tendencies regarding cognitive abilities.

3. This will help you better plan their study routines and overall career.

Traits covered in Report: Creativity, Mathematical Aptitude, Memory and more.

Interpersonal Characteristics

1. These reports will give you a detailed understanding about your child's social quotient.

2. This will help you get better insight into helping your child develop qualities like leadership, team building, and other social skills.

Traits covered in Report: Sociability, Leadership and more


1. It very important for you to know the basic temperament of your children.

2. This can help you to catch any issues in advance and to manage your kids better.

3. It also tells you which qualities you need to encourage in your child.

4. This helps you better understand and track your child's mental heath and lifestyle in the long term.

Traits covered in Report: Routine, Optimism and more.


1. In the formative years, your child needs to be given the best nutrition which will have a long-lasting impact.

2. Every child is different, and you should tailor make your child's nutrition by their genetic predisposition

3. These reports will help you plan your child's nutrition, to give their body what it needs.

Traits covered in Report: Vitamin and Mineral Processing, Weight Issues, Reaction to Different Foods.


1. They say Olympians are born.

2. Is your child a Sprinter or a Weightlifter?

3. Even if they don't want to make a career in sports, this report will help you know about how exercise affects your child's body.

4. This helps you plan the most suited physical activity for them. Helping them be as fit as a fiddle!

Traits covered in Report: Muscle Information, Endurance, other physics traits.

Skin and Hair Care

1. We live in a world where personality is important.

2. Children face issues with skin and hair during teens which eventually can lead to things that affect their confidence.

3. Here, we tell you more about what sort of skin or hair your child really has and what issues they might face.

4. This will ensure that you are better prepared for their teenage years, when they might face these common issues.

Traits covered in Report: Acne, Bald Spot and more.

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